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Expand your horizon and uncover the beauty of our versatile extensions.

Home Extensions by Trade Price DIY

Elevate your lifestyle and extend your dreams with our innovative home extensions.

At Trade Price, extensions are not merely additional structures but pathways to a richer, more fulfilling way of life. Picture your home not as fixed walls and static rooms but as a dynamic canvas ever-ready to adapt to your evolving needs and desires. Our extensions are the artist’s inspired stroke on that canvas. They create spaces that come alive with your individuality, comfort, and sustainable elegance. Tailored to encapsulate everything from Edwardian elegance to timeless Victorian grace, our extensions reach beyond the mere expansion of a room. Our extensions are about enlarging experiences. They’re about unlocking new possibilities and adding value in every conceivable sense. To elevate this experience, we source our timbers from replenishable forest programmes. By focusing on minimal waste, we can ensure that our love for the planet aligns with your passion for your home. And yet, it’s the high-quality affordability that sets our extensions apart from competitors. Our extensions are more than just accessible. Quick turnarounds mean that a brighter, more spacious home is closer than you ever imagined. The extensions we craft at Trade Price DIY go beyond simply adding space to your home. They provide endless possibilities for enhancement, personalisation, and growth. When you choose to extend with us, you’re embracing a new approach to living. Your home will become a living, breathing entity that matures and evolves with you, all thanks to our extensions. Trust in our mastery and seasoned experience as we accompany you towards a home that reflects more of you. A home that’s more beautiful, more adaptable, and more alive. The extensions we craft are not just about adding space but about unlocking limitless potential.

Extend with Trade Price DIY, and embrace the future of living.

The Transformative Benefits of Our Extensions

Experience the unparalleled benefits of our extensions that will redefine your living space.

Unleash the Potential of Your Home

Our extensions integrate with your existing layout and add space without compromising aesthetics. Whether it’s an extra room for leisure or work, our extensions fulfil your home’s untapped potential.

A Smart Investment for the Future

Investing in our extensions isn’t just about immediate gratification but long-term value. By choosing our extensions, you’re adding significant worth to your property, making it a wise financial decision.

Sustainable Living, Inspired Design

Our extensions are engineered for thermal efficiency. On average, they are four times more thermally efficient than traditional structures. Not only do they look elegant, but they also contribute to lowering your energy bills and enhancing sustainability.

Your Vision, Our Craftsmanship

Every home is unique, and our extensions embrace that uniqueness. From roof choices to window layouts, our extensions allow for complete personalisation. Your dream space is crafted precisely to your taste and needs.

Built to Last, Designed to Impress

With a commitment to quality materials and precision engineering, our extensions stand the test of time. Our craftsmanship offers both durability and aesthetic appeal and is something you’ll enjoy for years to come.

How Our Extensions Transform Will Your Home

Experience the art and innovation behind our extensions.

At Trade Price DIY, building extensions is a craft that goes far beyond mere construction. It’s about understanding your dreams, your lifestyle, and your home’s unique character. In our hands, extensions become transformative experiences. They will elevate your living spaces to new heights of beauty and functionality. Here, we peel back the layers to reveal how our extensions stand out.

Let’s delve into how they are conceived and constructed and how they can change the way you live . . .

Precision Engineering

Precision is at the heart of our extensions. With a focus on consistent, high-quality finishes, our extensions are engineered to perfection. The alignment, fitting, and symmetry of every element are meticulously planned and executed. Doing so ensures that each extension becomes a flawless addition to your home.

Design Flexibility

Your home is unique, and so are our extensions. Whether a Pitched Tiled Roof or a Flat EPDM Rubber Roof, our designs can be configured to match any window and door layout. We offer customisable features like pelmets, soffits, glazing panels, and more. All so your extension can become a personalised masterpiece.

Thermal Efficiency

We’re committed to energy efficiency in our extensions. Our design principles make structures four times* more thermally efficient than traditional extensions. The base, wall, and roof U-Values exemplify our commitment to environmental responsibility. As such, our extensions are both beautiful and energy-smart.

*On average

Quality Materials

Quality isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s our standard. From the structural grade timber shell to Jhai Building Control System Approval and BBA-approved materials, our extensions are crafted with the finest elements. This focus on quality assures lasting beauty and strength.

Full Kit, One Supplier

Simplicity matters. That’s why our extensions come as a full kit designed to be fitted by one installation team. With us, there are no additional bricks or building materials required. We provide everything you need, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free installation process.


Extensions are an investment in your future and a declaration of confidence in your home’s potential. At Trade Price DIY, we honour that investment by ensuring that our extensions are nothing short of exemplary.

Our approach is comprehensive and blends . . .

Artistic creativity with technical prowess | Environmental responsibility with quality assurance | And individuality with universality

But more than that, our extensions are about forming connections. They connect spaces, creating flow and harmony within your home. They combine the present with the future, ensuring that your home can adapt and evolve as your life changes. And most importantly, they connect us to you. Our extensions forge a partnership built on trust, understanding, and shared aspirations. Therefore, choosing to extend with Trade Price DIY is not just a decision to add space. It’s a decision to enrich your living experience, elevate your lifestyle, and engage with a team that sees beyond walls and roofs. We see possibilities, potential, and a path to a home that’s more you, more beautiful, more everything you ever dreamed.

Embrace our extensions, and step into a future that’s not just built but beautifully crafted.

Craft Your Dream Extensions with Trade Price DIY

Unveil the extraordinary details of our extensions that make your home sing.

At Trade Price DIY, we believe crafting the perfect extension is akin to orchestrating a beautiful piece of music. Each element, from the roof tiles to the window frames, is selected and harmonised to create a seamless masterpiece. One that echoes your lifestyle and resonates with your dreams. With us, extensions are not merely add-ons. They’re a harmonious blend of design, innovation, and quality that brings a melody to your living space.

Dive into the exquisite details that make our extensions not only unique but also a mirror reflecting your desires . . .

Britmet LiteSlate Roof Tiles

Choose from our array of colours to find the perfect Britmet LiteSlate Roof Tiles that harmonise with your home. These roof tiles aren’t merely a covering; they’re an elegant expression of your style, giving your extension a distinctive look.

Fortex PVC Cladding

With our Fortex PVC Cladding, available in a range of colours, your extensions become a canvas for creativity. This cladding allows for a design that’s both contemporary and timeless. Our team will ensure your extension looks stunning from every angle.

Brick Slip Border

Our range of brick colours for the Brick Slip border offers a unique opportunity to add texture and character to your extensions. This addition not only enhances aesthetics but also imbues your extension with a sense of authenticity and solidity.

Contemporary Window Frames

Windows are the eyes of a home, and our contemporary window frames ensure that those eyes are as stylish as they are functional. Sleek and modern, these frames encapsulate a vision of elegance that complements the rest of your extension.


At Trade Price DIY, our extensions are more than mere additions; they are a form of art and a statement. They are a declaration of your personality and your ambition. Our materials aren’t just about aesthetics but integrity. They’re about building something that lasts, inspires, and evolves with you. Each choice you make, from the roof tiles’ colours to the window frames’ sleek lines, is a step toward creating a home that’s an extension of you. Choosing our extensions means embracing a world where your home is not just a shelter but a living, breathing entity.

That’s the essence of what we offer at Trade Price DIY, and we invite you to journey with us, explore, build, and love your space.